Who Spilled Ratatouille On My Overwatch

Who Spilled Ratatouille On My Overwatch???

If you are a fan of Overwatch then you are in for a treat as once again the guys and gals at Blizzard are treating us with a brand new map!

This new map is Paris and you can explore the lovely city of Paris and then destroy it! It is funny how they have a map of what is regarded the most romantic city on Earth in time for Valentine’s Day!

The map is all about capture the point. There is no escorting the payload here. That right away tells you that you are dealing with a smaller and tighter map. I actually really like this as it forces conflict between the sides and there are fewer places to hide. Although I was watching a few people on Twitch stream this and it does look like there are some great places you can sneak, hide and get the drop on people if you are crafty.

Currently, there is no word on when this is going to come to Xbox One or PlayStation 4. It is on the PC Test Servers as I write this so that is why there are so many people streaming it on Twitch and also on YouTube. So go and have a look if you are not a PC gamer so you have an idea of what to expect.

Blizzard is truly awesome when it comes to keep giving content for free! How many characters and maps have been added to Overwatch since it launched a few years back? Could you ever imagine EA or Activision doing this with Call of Duty or Battlefield?

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