Battlefield V Gets Its Second Patch

Battlefield V Gets Its Second Patch

The folks at Dice are still tinkering with Battlefield V and they have given us a second patch this January. This one is clearly not as big as the last update we got, but there are some interesting things.

The most notable one is the inclusion of a new vehicle, the Sturmgeschutz IV. This is a lower profile tank and with that comes some neat advantages. It is more nimble and quieter than a regular tank and you can also have a passenger manning another gun while you are trying to aim the main cannon. The drawback is you have to be facing the way you want the main cannon to go so you can be in trouble if you have a convoy coming up behind you.

If you take the time to read the patch notes you will notice that they have done a ton of little changes that while not major (well I think the footsteps one is) they do make the overall experience better. For example, load times in the campaign have been reduced on PC. Not being able to do the prone transition if you cannot go prone is pretty neat, it simply will not even allow you to attempt it.

No look kills are no longer an issue. Sometimes the enemy would be looking in the opposite direction of where they were shooting. It was always super annoying to get killed like this as it made you feel like they were cheating. Turns out they were not it was just a glitch in the game!

It is great to see the guys and girls at Dice putting a lot of work into Battlefield V to make it better and better.

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