Will Doom Eternal Come Out This Autumn

Will Doom Eternal Come Out This Autumn

This may seem like a bold question for me to ask, but something was announced that got my gears going and it was not specifically to do with Doom Eternal, but the new Doom movie.

Wait they are making a new Doom movie? Is what some of you may be asking, but yes, Universal is taking another stab at the Doom franchise. The as of right now untitled movie is pretty much finished, but Universal has delayed the release until this Autumn. The reason for this is not actually a bad one.

They like the way the movie is going and have decided to up the budget and improve the special effects to make “hell look more awesome” as they put it. Could this though be done as well so that they have a movie that can help promote Doom Eternal?

To be fair Doom Eternal is going to sell just fine on its own, but if the people at Universal got wind that the release date it towards the Autumn that could explain why the new Doom movie got its expected summer release pushed back. If anything this new Doom movie needs Doom Eternal to help sell it!

I say this because the new Doom movie is being handled by a smaller Universal team and is more than likely going to be a straight to DVD release or show up on something like Netflix. Having a huge game that is creating buzz would no doubt be a great way for Universal to get some hype behind their Doom movie.

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