Will We See A Battlefront III

Will We See A Battlefront III

For some reason, over the weekend I had a real hankering to play some Star Wars Battlefront II and you know what? I actually had a heck of a time!

I know that EA and Dice have taken a real beating because of Star Wars Battlefront II and the lackluster response to Battlefield V. However if it was not for all of EA’s greedy decisions I really do feel that Star Wars Battlefront II would have been very well received by the gaming public.

I thought the campaign was excellent and the multiplayer mode was great. Even if they did take out my favorite mode from the first game, Drop Zone. It was the horrible, horrible way they locked characters behind an unfair paywall and their loot boxes that drove people insane. I think before they made the changes it took something like 20 to 30 hours to unlock Darth Vader!

EA and Dice did rectify things, but by then the damage had been done. The bad press that they got was through the roof and many people thought that it was the end for their partnership with EA and let’s face it with the canceled Star Wars game hitting the news a while back and with Disney not being happy with the controversy it is easy to see why.

I live in hope that we do get a Star Wars Battlefront III. I really do think that EA is dumb enough to not learn from their mistakes. Battlefront II has some great groundwork and if they waited until 2020 when Episode 9 is done and dusted they could have elements from every single Star Wars movie in it.

Of course, you have to wonder if Disney would be on board with this and also what the reception would be when they first announced Star Wars Battlefront III.

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