Head To Paris For Music Romance And Bullets In Overwatch

Head To Paris For Music Romance And Bullets In Overwatch

For me, Overwatch is one of the best games around when it comes to giving players more content and not asking for money in return. Well, just the other day their brand new map went live for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players after being on the PTR for PC players.

Blizzard has captured the feel of Paris (well in this universe anyway) very well and my favorite part of the map has to be the robot lounge singer. It is a very well designed map and it has the perfect blend of open areas as well as tight corridors and rooms where you can try and lure opposing players into an ambush.

While the robot lounge singer is my favorite looking part of the map. I really do love the courtyard section of the fancy house. There are so many areas that you can come and go here and every firefight that I have gotten into here has been a great deal of fun.

I think that the new Paris map is a great addition to Overwatch and I have already played quite a few games on it. I really do like the size of it. It is a good size where it is not so large that when you die you spawn ten miles away from the action, but it is not too small where you get on top of your teammates and get in the way.

My only little complaint is that it would have been awesome if they made a stereotypical French skin for each of the heroes!

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