Grand Heist Is Coming To Black Ops 4

Grand Heist Is Coming To Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is getting some hot new content this week in the form of Operation Grand Heist. This is a pretty big update and it is scheduled to go live on Ps4 this week and then on Xb1 and PC the following week.

There is a really cool trailer for this, but it moves at 100 mph so it is very easy to miss all the excitement that is going on in the trailer. The first thing to mention is that for Blackout we have a new specialist to play as, Outrider. There is also going to be something called Ghost Town which is a new mode map for Cod Blackout.

Two new game modes have also been revealed as being part of Operation Grand Heist. These are called, One in the Chamber and Hot Pursuit. I cannot find exactly what One in the Chamber in Black Ops 4 is going to be is just yet, but I would assume it is like what it has been before. Hot Pursuit looks awesome! It is bringing car chases to Call of Duty and they have also revealed that some cool cars are going to be part of this mode.

Each of the new cars will have their own advantages, but the one I want to take for a spin is that muscle car. Chasing down cars as cops or running away from them is going to be a blast I am sure! The overall goal is to find all of the cash and then deposit it at the designated locations, the team with the most cash wins!

If you are a Black Ops Pass owner you also get some new maps as part of the next update too. These maps are Lockup and Casino. Black Ops Pass members will also get to play as Cosmic Silver back which is an exclusive character that can be used in Blackout mode.

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