Battlefield 5 Combined Arms Mode Is Kind Of Disappointing

Battlefield 5 Combined Arms Mode Is Kind Of Disappointing

I have been a big supporter of Battlefield 5. Despite the strange and underwhelming launch and the fact that it has been sailing some rocky seas since the game launched. Battlefield V is a game I have had a lot of fun with. Plus to be fair, Dice have been great at adding new content to the game.

Well, a few days back they added in Combined Arms. The four player co-op mode that was talked about before Battlefield 5 launched, but no one seemed to notice was not in the final game. Back then they talked about how Combined Arms was an exciting way for a squad to learn the ropes, play together, learn how to play as a team and have fun before jumping into a real game.

What caught my eye was how they talked about how it was an opened ended experience and that there was a ton of replayability as no one player was the game master. It sounded like the objectives were going to be always different and that was something that made the mode sound super fun.

The Combined Arms that I have played over the weekend was not what I thought it was going to be. You have eight missions that are spread across five of the maps. Blow up three things, steal items, kill many enemies. The objectives are all very, very similar and there is no real story linking things together, plus they have edited the maps in a way which makes them less fun.

I had really high hopes of playing Combined Arms in Battlefield 5 and I even had a couple of buddies reinstall the game after they had lost interest as I built this mode up so much for them. It is not a horrible mode, but man it is such a disappointment after what I thought it was going to be.

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