EA Officially Report Disappointing Battlefield V Sales

EA Officially Report Disappointing Battlefield V Sales

We all knew that Battlefield V did not match games like Call of Duty Black Ops IIII and Red Dead Redemption II when it came to sales. However, at their most recent earnings call, EA has shed some light on exactly how “bad” Battlefield V did.

I say bad with a strong hint of sarcasm as EA revealed that Battlefield V actually sold 7.3 million copies around the world! There are some developers that would give their right arm to have a game sell just half of that. EA though had thought that Battlefield V would sell at least 1 million more than that which is what has led to them saying that the game did not perform as well as they would have liked.

The CEO of EA, Andrew Wilson came out with a few reasons as to why the game “underperformed” he did mention the busy period that it came out and mentioned games like Red Dead Redemption II and Black Ops 4! Is he crazy??? Months before Battlefield V came out tons of people were saying that it was a very busy period for games and more than likely Battlefield V would be the one to not meet expectations.

Most people who have gotten into Battlefield V have enjoyed it, but it is hard to feel sorry for poor EA when they class 7.3 million units as a disappointment!

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