New Locations Coming To Blackout Mode

New Locations Coming To Blackout Mode

Blackout mode has been a phenomenal success for the folks at Treyarch and Activision. Of course, as with any Battle Royale style game, regular updates are required to keep players invested, interested and from looking over their shoulder to see what other games are doing.

We know that new areas are coming as there was a fun exchange on Twitter with the director and a fan. He confirmed that they are working on new areas for Blackout mode. We also know that Season 3 is on the way so the smart money is on that this is all happening sooner than later. Off the top of my head, the current event is due to end around mid to late February so I would assume Season 3 will happen around that time, of course, PlayStation owners will get to experience it first.

No teases were given on what we can expect from the new areas, but we all have things that we would like to see. I am a sucker for snow in games so any more snow locations that they could add to the map would be awesome in my book. I think a really deep and dense jungle section could be quite fun too as I have liked maps that have been jungle/forest based in past Call of Duty games.

I would suspect we will get an official announcement soon as no doubt this has opened the flood grates Treyarch and Activision will be getting bombarded with questions about these new locations and Season 3. So it is probably easier for them to just come out and announce something.

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