Will Call of Duty 2019 Have A New Story

 Will Call of Duty 2019 Have A New Story                              

I have been going overboard with reading “leaks” about the new Call of Duty game that is coming in 2019. The smart money is on that this is going to be Modern Warfare 4 as there have been some credible leaks. Of course, until Activision or Infinity Ward come out and say something, we are all just speculating.

One thing that has been brought up is that Call of Duty 2019 is going to have a single player campaign. I am glad that this is being talked about and it is something that I feel was missing from Black Ops IIII.

What this new single player campaign will be though is starting to develop quite the debate. When the first Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 leak happened. The talk was that there would be a single player campaign, but it was going to be an HD remaster of the campaign from Modern Warfare 2. That is one of the most iconic campaigns in the history of the franchise and it would be cool to play through it again and if that is what the single player campaign is then I would be cool with that…….. until now!

I recently read a rumor that Modern Warfare 4 could actually have a single player campaign that followed up from Modern Warfare 3. That would be awesome and it has got my gears spinning as to what could happen. I for one think that if they could give us a remaster of Modern Warfare 2 as well as a new one that would be something epic indeed.

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