Modern Warfare 4 Xbox One And Ps4

One Mode I Would Love To See In Modern Warfare 4

The rumor mill is getting hotter and hotter with talk that this year’s Call of Duty game is, in fact, going to be Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4. As a matter of fact, I would be more surprised if it turned out that the 2019 COD was NOT Modern Warfare 4!

The “leak” that was revealed a short while back said that there would be no new single player campaign, but the campaign from Modern Warfare 2 would be included. The big game mode sounds like it is once again going to be a Battle Royale mode which given how much of a hit Blackout has been in Black Ops IIII is not all that surprising.

Well if Blackout is returning from Black Ops IIII. There is one thing that I would love to see return from WWII and that is War Mode. I spoke about this a few weeks back, but man I freaking loved War Mode in Call of Duty WWII. It was like your standard multiplayer mode, but everything felt like it had more urgency and there was an actual point to the things that you were doing. It was a mode where you needed to do a job and the mission would rest n if you did your job or not. Just one team member not pulling their weight could be enough for you to lose.

It was such a great addition and one of the things that does not get enough credit for in my opinion. So as much as I would love Modern Warfare 4 to have a new campaign, I must admit I would trade that for multiple War Mode maps.

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