Classic Shooter Memories Turok

Classic Shooter Memories Turok

It is kind of hard to imagine, but in the world of video games, Turok used to be a pretty big deal. I would actually bet there are some younger gamers who have not even heard of this series!

Turok Dinosaur Hunter was released on the Nintendo 64 and it was actually a pretty big deal at the time. It was one of the biggest games to be released for the Nintendo 64 shortly after the console launched. The game saw you playing as Turok, a badass warrior who had to stop a warlord called The Campaigner from taking over the universe.

What is cool about Turok is that it has dinosaurs in it, but it is more sci-fi than it is fantasy. You will be killing dinosaurs and other bad guys and having a great time doing so. Turok has some pretty bag fog like many Nintendo 64 games did at the time, but it tries to make it part of the level. The graphics at the time were state of the art and most people flipped out over how good it looked.

I had no trouble controlling Turok back in 1997 (apart from the platforming sections) however it is a game that has not aged very well. Using the C buttons and the analog stick to move takes some serious getting used to and while it is a game I have fond memories of, it is not exactly a game I look to play once a year.

It was followed up with three other games on the Nintendo 64, including one that was multiplayer focused. It then was rebooted with the game Turok Evolution for the PS2, Xbox and GameCube and that game sucked!

What did not suck though was the second reboot which was simply called, Turok. This was released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. It is actually a really fun game and I would say it is my favorite of the whole Turok series and well worth tracking down and having a play through.

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