Battlefield V Makes Changes To Its Changes

Battlefield V Makes Changes To Its Changes

If you remember a week or so ago, I wrote a blog post talking about how Battlefield V was tinkering with the time to kill aspect of Battlefield V. Some players had been vocal about how quick it was to die in the game.

Well, that was nothing compared to the people who complained after Dice made changes to Battlefield V which made it take longer to kill an opponent. This made some players very angry and there was some heated talk on Twitter as well as from some popular YouTubers about the changes that Dice had made.

Just like Dice listened the first time people complained, they have listened again and now they have gone back to the way the time to kill was before they made the changes! If you are like me and have not played Battlefield V for the past week, these changes were made and then changed back so fast that you will not even notice that it happened.

You have to give it to Dice for at least trying this out, they tried it, people did not like it so they changed it back. It is because of things like this that I have always had a real soft spot for Dice as they do try to listen to the community and make changes that the majority want.

I still stand by the fact that Battlefield V is a damn fine game and while not perfect I do think it is worth picking up. Especially now that most retailers have slashed the price by as much as half!

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