Thoughts on Dead of the Night

Thoughts on Dead of the Night

The first Zombies expansion that is part of the Black Ops Pass is available for PlayStation owners and I wanted to talk about it.

In terms of gameplay, Dead of the Night is exactly what you would expect, but the setting is what makes it so much fun. I will go as far to say that this is my favorite Zombies chapter that Call of Duty Black Ops IIII has right now.

This is actually a prequel to the events of Voyage of Despair. The story is set at a fancy party that Alistair Rhodes (the father of Scarlett) is throwing at his super fancy estate. Of course, all hell breaks loose and all, but four of the party guests get turned into bloodthirsty zombies!

The Rhodes Estate is one of the best zombie maps I have had the pleasure to play on. I have not fully explored every nook and cranny just yet, but I love how diverse it is. I thought it would be just all in the house, but you can explore the grounds as well and the creepy cemetery, in particular, is an area that I really love.

The lineup of characters is pretty cool, with the gunslinger who in some way reminds me of McCree from Overwatch is my favorite. I have had a blast with this and I look forward to putting some serious time into it and finding the Easter egg and completing all the objectives.

I know the Black Ops Pass is something that some people are not keen on, but I really do feel it is great value for money and if Dead of the Night is an indication of the Zombies maps we are going to get, I am very glad I got it.

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