Classic Shooter Memories Die Hard Trilogy

Classic Shooter Memories Die Hard Trilogy

As this is the holiday season I thought I would take things a little easy this week and look back some of the shooters that I have loved over the years.

First up is Die Hard Trilogy on the original PlayStation which I got for Christmas from my aunt and uncle back in 1996. Die Hard Trilogy was three games in one. One 3rd person shooter, one on rail shooter and a driving game.

The two shooters were awesome. Die Hard 1 saw you running around each floor trying to find the bomb and save the hostages. All the while killing a ton of bad guys. Die Hard 2 though was the game I spent the most time with. This is an on-rails, light gun shooter game, similar to Virtua Cop (although way better if you ask me). Die Hard 2 was awesome! It was over the top, bloody and full of bullets flying everywhere.

I stayed up all Christmas night and Die Hard 2 was one of the games I spent a ton of time playing. The third game, Die Hard With A Vengeance is of course not a shooter, but it is still a decent game and when you run over a pedestrian you have to wipe the blood off the screen with the wipers! It is the weakest of the three games in my opinion, but it rounds off the package quite nicely.

Die Hard Trilogy was also available on Sega Saturn and PC and there was even a PlayStation exclusive sequel released too. This is still a game I have a lot of fun with and if I fire it up it is always Die Hard 2 that I play.

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