Kill and Die Changes Coming To Battlefield V

Time To Kill and Time To Die Changes Coming To Battlefield V

The folks at DICE are really trying their hardest with Battlefield V. However, it feels like for everything they fix or say they are going to fix something else is brought up that needs attention.

On the official DICE Twitter, a core gameplay designer called Florian Le Bihan had some interesting things to say about the Time to Kill and Time to Die aspects of Battlefield V. It was actually very interesting to read and the more you dive into it the more you realize how interesting this part of a first person shooter is.

Time to Kill is how long it takes you to kill an opponent and Time to Die is how long it takes you to die after an attack. Of course, the skill level of the players involved make getting this down to an exact science seem near impossible. Also, in theory, the times for these should be exactly the same, but it does not always feel like that to both players. For example, for the player who has died it can feel like they were killed super-fast, but to the attacking player, this may not be the case. This is due to latency issues or even the netcode.

DICE though are working on it and taking it very seriously. It is actually one of the more interesting things I have heard that they are working on. I am not saying that I have had an issue with this part of the game, but at the same time, it is not actually something I have given much thought to before. It shows just how complex it can be for a studio to make a competitive first person shooter that feels fair to everyone who is playing.

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