Treyarch Change The Way You Climb In Black Ops IIII

Treyarch Change The Way You Climb In Black Ops IIII

Now here is a change to Black Ops IIII that I did not even know that people wanted. Not only that apparently this is something many people have wanted for years, I am talking about climbing up onto things and platforms. Or if you want to get technical “mantle”.

This was part of the big update that Treyarch did on Black Ops IIII last week. As we all know when you play Call of Duty, you run and gun then when you come to an area you want to climb up to or a box, ledge or something you need to get over. You press the button you jump over it or you climb up to it and you are good to go.

Some people thought have said that this automated system that has been part of the game since the dawn of time is restrictive. I never really gave it any thought, but I watched a few videos of people who are happy with this update and I can see where they are coming from. The new Auto Mantle toggle that you can select allows those like me to play the game as they have always done.

However, for those players who want that extra bit of control, they can now have it. Instead of automatically jumping up or over each thing. You now have to press it twice to fully jump over or climb up. It is the kind of thing that is rather tricky to actually describe. It is a change that is fantastic as it is not being forced on the community. Those who are fine with the way things have been for years can keep it that way. Those who want that extra bit of control now have it.

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