Doom Eternal: Playing As A Demon

Doom Eternal: Playing As A Demon

One of the games I am very excited for in 2019 (I really hope it is coming out in 2019!) is Doom Eternal. The sequel to the incredible 2016 reboot of Doom. Not a ton of information has been given to us and the last bit of footage we saw was at QuakeCon a few months ago.

Still, Doom Eternal is a game that I really cannot wait for. There are two things that have really piqued my interest. The first one is that they have said they are going to really expand the lore and get more in-depth with the story. The story in Doom was actually fantastic and way better than most people thought it would be so it is going to be very interesting to see where they go with this.

The other aspect is multiplayer. I am not just talking the regular multiplayer that we have played before. Doom Eternal is adding a new mode where you can actually play as one of the demons! The idea is that you play as a demon and then go into one of your friend's campaigns and hunt them down! This sounds awesome and something similar to what the Dark Souls games have done. Even crazier is that more than one “demon” can enter a players game.

This sounds like a really cool mechanic and if it does not sound like it is for you I am sure you will be able to turn it off. I plan on having a lot of fun with this and playing as a messed up demon with razor sharp claws and some real firepower is certainly something I can get on board with.

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