Do Not Sleep On Battlefield V

Do Not Sleep On Battlefield V!

In case you did not know or were confused thanks to the three different release dates! Battlefield V fully releases on November 20th. I was not exactly blown away by the beta for Battlefield V and neither were a lot of other people.

However, I kept my pre-order (just the standard edition) and I am looking forward to it being delivered on Tuesday….. as long as Amazon does not screw it up of course! Now thanks to the less than stellar beta, the changed release date and of course the fact that many folks will have already spent their money and time on Red Dead Redemption II and Call of Duty Black Ops IIII. I really want to encourage you fellow shooter fans not to dismiss Battlefield V.

So far it is getting great reviews with many people loving the single player campaign, even though DICE have more to add to it in December. Not only this the multiplayer is far more fun than the beta showed and people are loving the new maps and also how fantastic the game looks. The launch of Battlefield V has been well received there has been a fair bit of talk about some bugs and roughness in the multiplayer, but DICE will iron these out.

I have a bad feeling that of all the huge games released this holiday season, Battlefield V is going to be the one that many people overlook and decide to miss. I think that those of us who love the kind of squad and class-based shooter action Battlefield V has are going to really have an awesome time with this one.

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