Is Battlefield V In Trouble

Is Battlefield V In Trouble

Let me start by saying that I really did enjoy the Battlefield V beta and I am still looking forward to playing it this November. Still, the beta left some people with mixed feelings and one of these is popular YouTuber.

Now I am not saying his opinion is the be all and end all of Battlefield V. However, the things he was saying are what I have heard a lot of people say. He talked about how it felt that there was a lack of content, the maps were small and there was just nothing really blowing people away.

Again, I had fun with the beta, but the word on the street for Battlefield V is certainly not “excitement” as it was before the beta happened. With a campaign, multiplayer and of course Battle Royale. It all looked like DICE and EA had learned their lesson from the debacle that was Star Wars Battlefront II. Well, it looks like people are still a little wary of EA and went into the Battlefield V beta with not exactly high expectations.

It is not just the less than enthusiastic reaction to the Battlefield V beta that makes people think it could struggle. Battlefield V is coming out after Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII which so far has been given nothing, but a ton of praise. Then there is also Red Dead Redemption 2, not to mention all the other big games like Forza Horizon 4 and the new Assassins Creed that are coming out too!

I am still interested in Battlefield V, but as much as I love the series I have to admit there is this kind of depressing attitude towards the game right now.

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