You Can Still Play Old Call Of Duty Games Online On PS3

You Can Still Play Old Call Of Duty Games Online On PS3

I am a huge fan of the Call Of Duty series, but I am the kind of player who will get super into a game, in this case, Call Of Duty WWII and ignore the previous year’s game. I fully expect to do the same thing when Black Ops IIII is released.

Well, I do actually have all the past Call Of Duty games in my collection and the other day I was in my game room, a bit bored and got the hankering to play a little Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare. No I have this on the Xbox One, but the Xbox One is in the living room, the PS3 is in the game room and I have the game for that also. I fired it up and got into a game right away. Sure after not playing it on PS3 for a couple of years, it looked really rough, but I still found a game.

It made me think, “I wonder if other games will work?” well I tried all of my Call Of Duty games that I have on PlayStation 3 and I was blown away by not just Advanced Warfare, but two other games that I got into matches super quick. Modern Warfare 3 is very easy to get a game, I have heard that these are “hacked” servers/lobbies, but I do not know anything about that. All I know is that I was able to play team deathmatch with no hassle at all and it was a blast. Also, I felt that this has aged a hell of a lot better than Advanced Warfare on PS3. Although to be fair I do have the Xbox One version to compare that to.

Now the other game I want to talk about is weird, Call Of Duty Ghosts. This is probably my least favorite game in the series and the one I put the least amount of time in. I thought I would try it and again there were people playing it!

I was thinking to myself, who are these maniacs still playing Call Of Duty on PlayStation 3? Then I realized that I was one of them and I had an awesome time….. well maybe not with Ghosts!

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