Will Doom Eternal Be The Big FPS Of 2019

Will Doom Eternal Be The Big FPS Of 2019?

2018 is a great year for shooter fans but 2019 looks to be the same if not even better. So far for me, one game that I am very excited for is Doom Eternal.

The reboot of Doom was truly incredible and while we have had a teaser trailer and little bits of info given to us from the folks at ID and Bethesda. What we have seen looks nuts. Hell on Earth is the phrase that they keep throwing around and the demons coming to Earth is something I can get behind. It will make for some pretty interesting level designs in comparison to what we had in the reboot of Doom.

Speaking of demons the teaser trailer showed some of the demons that we saw in the first game, all be it a little different looking. They have said that there will be loads more demons in Doom Eternal. I loved the designs in the reboot of Doom so I am very excited to see what sick and twisted creatures they have in store for Doom Eternal. There is also the rumor that heaven is going to come into play in Doom Eternal which is something I think sounds very interesting.

I really do think that Doom Eternal has what it takes to not just be the big first person shooter of 2019, but one of the biggest games in general. So far no concrete release date has been given, but most people seem to feel that we can expect Doom Eternal in late 2019. I just hope that the rumors of it not coming until 2020 are false.

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