Huge Maps Coming To Battlefield V

Huge Maps Coming To Battlefield V

The Battlefield V beta is done and dusted and now if you want to play Battlefield V you are going to have to wait until the game is released this November. The good folks at DICE recently spoke out in regards to the size of the maps that we can expect in Battlefield.

One criticism that some players had about the Battlefield V beta was that the maps felt a little small. I am not sure I would personally agree with that, but I did think that some maps were crammed with way too much stuff and that was what may have made them feel small.

Well DICE have come out and said not to worry as Battlefield V is going to have some massive maps. DICE have drawn attention to the Hamada map which is the map that is set in North Africa and is a massive 1.5 km in its size!

I like a good mix of large open maps that make you have to look for an opponent as well as smaller maps where it is full on action and people dropping every few seconds. I never had an issue with the size of the maps in the Battlefield V beta, but clearly, some people did. Well, it is good that DICE have come out and said that Battlefield V is still going to feature large maps for us to wage war on.

The few maps that we got to test out in the beta were very well made so I am very interested to see how some of the larger maps like the Hamada map turn out.

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