New Division Coming To Call Of Duty WWII

New Division Coming To Call Of Duty WWII

We just talked about the exciting last piece of DLC for Call Of Duty WWII, Shadow War. Well, that is not all that is going to be hitting Call Of Duty WWII. Next week is going to see the DLC, but as well as that there will be a rather substantial update.

A brand new division is going to be part of this update. Unfortunately, Sledgehammer Games have not said what this new Division is going to be just yet, but we can expect to know in the next couple of days.

As well as a brand new division coming to Call Of Duty WWII. There is going to be a whole new set of basic training coming as well. This news was spread on Twitter as Sledgehammer Games decided not to do their usual weekly update. Instead, they are going to do a much bigger update talking about all of the information at once.

I am very excited to see what this new division will be. The last one that was added, The Cavalry was a lot of fun to play as and while I did not stick with it, I do know some people who now use that as their main division.

It is also worth noting that while the Shadow War DLC pack is coming to PS4 this week and will only be on PS4 for the first 30 days. The new division, basic training and whatever other goodies that are part of this update will be available for all consoles on the same day.

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