Call Of Duty WWII Is Going Commando

Call Of Duty WWII Is Going Commando!

The other day I was talking about how Sledgehammer Games said that a new division would be coming to Call Of Duty WWII. Well, we did not have to find out more information about this and this update is actually live now!

The new division is the Commando Division the Commando Division in Call Of Duty WWII is pretty fun to play as. The idea behind the Commando Division is being quick to action and also health regeneration so if you are balls to the wall kind of Call Duty WWII player this is the Division for you.

A few of the major features of the Commando Division are that first of all there is a paratrooper insert. This is really cool allows you to get to the battle first and even drop in next to an objective. Health regen is much quicker and when you kill, you activate your health regen. So if you can keep running and gunning and taking people down, your health should always be pretty high. I think that a skilled Commando Division player is going to be a very dangerous enemy.

You can have two basic training perks equipped at any one time which is great and when added with the health regen abilities that the Commando Division has. If you are clever with your basic training, you can come up with something pretty great here.

I have not had much time to put the new Call Of Duty WWII Commando Division through its paces just yet. But I am looking forward to as it looks like it is a lot of fun to play.

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