More Multiplayer Maps Coming To Call Of Duty WW2

More Multiplayer Maps Coming To Call Of Duty WW2

I have already talked about the new DLC pack for Call Of Duty WW2, United Front, but here I want to talk a little more about the maps and the new War Mode scenario.

Multiplayer Maps

Once again there are three new maps coming in this DLC pack.
Market Garden: One of the most famous airborne operations in the whole war! That is what makes Market Garden such an exciting prospect as a multiplayer map. This map is set in the Netherlands and from what I can tell it is a really snug, up close and personal kind of map.

Monte Cassino

I think this could be the most fun map out of the three. Set in Italy and under a mountaintop monastery. There are rooftops you can use to snipe people and lots of areas that you can use to flank the enemy. For those that love to work as a team and put a plan together, you are going to have a lot of fun on this map.


This map is based around the largest event in the second world war. The map seems very interesting with a base on both sides and a center point that appears to be one of those areas where if you can take control of it, you can take control of the game. There are underground tunnels that you can use to try and get behind your enemy.

War Mode

Operation Supercharge

The new scenario for War Mode is called Operation Supercharge. Set in Tunisia. When you are playing as the Allies you need to grab the supplies, blow up a bridge and take over the Axis fortifications. I like the sound of this new scenario and I am looking very forward to playing it with my friends. I am really liking what they are doing with this DLC pack!. Call Of Duty WW2 United Front is coming to PlayStation 4 on the 26th of June and Xbox One and PC the following month.


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