Fortnite Is Getting Some Major Updates Soon

Fortnite Is Getting Some Major Updates Soon

Fortnite has more than 125 million players right now. Fortnite is looking to change the gameplay. They are making changes to weapons balances and caps on equipment. The quote Building without limits is the core of the gameplay of Fortnite and limiting that could be negative to lot of players.

Fortnite is exploring ways to change the gameplay in Battle Royale so the last few minutes of each match dont end with just build as much as you can.

Players who reach the end of a given match in Fortnite are likely to encounter rockets and all out building plus many shotguns. The superiority of shotguns & rockets, and uncapped building are such a dominant play style in the final circle that most other strategies are being drowned out the posts. what changes are on the way? when? This is not clear yet. They are not saying but some changes to weapons including weapon balances and resources like caps said about upcoming changes to game.

You are just gonna have situations where a bad players are just spraying bullets shooting at you then and you run out of materials and die. That would make a good player get ticked off.

The Battle Royale gameplay mode in general from Fortnite to PUBG and others joining the band wagon fortnite wants to continue improving its game. If the game stays the same forever starts to get boring in and players will loose interest in fortnite if the game makes to many changes it risks loosing players. We Will know more in the upcoming weeks.


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