Is It Too Late To Get Into Call Of Duty WW2

Is It Too Late To Get Into Call Of Duty WW2

While Call Of Duty WW2 was very well received by those who played it. There have been some people who decided to skip last year’s game from the fine folks at Sledgehammer who are now wondering if it is worth jumping in or if they should just wait for Black Ops 4.

I think that it is totally worth jumping in on Call Of Duty WW2. Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 is still a few months away and I am not exaggerating when I say that Call Of Duty WW2 has a ton and I mean a ton of content.

The single player campaign is great. It is like you are in a movie! The multiplayer mode is a ton of fun and by the time you come into it, most of the kinks have been worked out. The new War Mode is a fun new addition and will be something that you get hooked on! Nazi Zombies is incredible. Not only is it scary and fun, they crafted a story here that is pretty interesting as well.

You get all of this content on the disc, without having to spend any more money. Add this to the fact that if you shop around or are willing to purchase a used copy, you can get the game for a great price.

There is also the season pass to think about. So far we have had two DLC packs, but there is another two to come and there is bound to be more special events as well. So while the game has been out for a while and its successor is well on the way. There is still more than enough fun to be had with Call Of Duty WW2 to make it a very good purchase.


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