Battlefield V Women, Battle Royale, And More

Battlefield V: Women, Battle Royale, And More

While it may not have been revealed with the same fanfare that Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII was. DICE’s Battlefield V’s was just revealed and it looks great. I think it is fair to say that if you are a fan of the Battlefield series, you will be happy with what Dice are doing here.

Plenty of character customization, Grand Operations, a story mode and one of the most team-based multiplayer modes are all part of Battlefield V and that is what people want. While there may not have been any “huge” surprises in this reveal trailer, we all knew it was going to be set during World War II after all. What DICE are bringing to the table is sure to make Battlefield fans happy.

One of the strangest things is the uproar over women being in the game. In the trailer (and on the box) women fighting alongside the men are featured, which of course did not happen in this way during World War II. Some people are freaking out over historical accuracy, even though Battlefield has taken major liberties with history in its past games. I really do not see what the big deal here is at all

Another thing worth mentioning is a Battle Royale mode…. Or the lack of one. DICE have decided not to jump on the Battle Royale train just yet. However, they have said that they feel it is a mode that would fit Battlefield very well so maybe it will be something they add to the game at a later date.

Some may say that the Battlefield V reveal was playing it safe, but I think that is a little harsh. It has all the makings of a fun first person shooter and it will certainly be a game that I pick up when it is released later this year.


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