Fortnite Update Adds Guided Missiles

Fortnite Update Adds Guided Missiles!

Fortnite Battle Royal has taken the gaming world by storm. I think that you would have to say that as of right now, Fortnite Battle Royal is the biggest game in the world. From record-breaking live streams, millions in revenue and a mobile version that is going to be huge. People cannot get enough Fortnite. Fans are going crazy for the update that has just dropped as I write this.
We knew this was coming, but the main focus for many of us with this latest update is the Guided Missiles. This sounds like a lot of fun, once you fire it, you take control of the missile. In the right hands, this can be deadly, but Epic have made it so it is not too overpowered. For example, when you are controlling the missile, you cannot control your character. So I assume this leaves you prone to attack if another player spots you.
Also in this latest update, a new timed game mode has been added (I am not sure for how long) this mode is called Sniper Shootout V2. In this mode, you will be using weapons like crossbows and hunting rifles…. So I am out as I am terrible with these weapons, but for those of you who fancy yourselves as sharpshooters, this mode is going to be a lot of fun.
One other thing that has been added and I think is kind of fun is the Grenade Launchers have been tweaked. Not in their power or ability, but in that they now shoot eggs! This is only for a short while as it is there to celebrate Easter. Nothing celebrates Easter like blowing away another player with an egg!

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