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How  to Get The Most Out Of Call Of Duty WW2 War Mode

War Mode In Call Of Duty WWII  
One of my favorite new additions to Call Of Duty WW2 is War Mode. Sure some people will say that this kind of mode has been in many other FPS games, but I do not care! I have been having a lot of fun with it and I cannot wait to use any new maps that come in the future. I wanted to share with you my thoughts on how you can get the best out of this mode.
Do Not Worry About Your K/D
I have never been one to focus too much on my K/D anyway. But this is especially true for War Mode. It is all about the objectives, so as long as you are actually assisting the team and helping work towards your goals that is all that matters. Your objectives come first and if anyone gets in your way, you take them down! It is not a case where you are actively running around looking for other players to gun down.
Learn The Maps
I cannot stress this one enough. If you want to give your squad the best chance of winning War Mode, learning the maps is crucial. Know where the blind spots are, what the quickest route to an objective is and know what areas enemies are most likely to come from.
Do Not Be Scared To Be The Victim
By this I mean there is no shame in taking one for the team in War Mode. Especially when it comes to the objective when you have to build a bridge! Snipers are everywhere and you need players to go and draw their fire away while the bridge is being built. There is nothing wrong with being the guy who is drawing the fire, you are still helping the team complete an objective by doing this.
War Mode in Call Of Duty WW2 really is a blast and I hope that it is a mode which stays in the series going forward. 

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Tips For The Call Of Duty WWII Campaign

 Call Of Duty WWII Campaign  
I know that many people buy a Call Of Duty game and just skip the campaign. These people are doing themselves a huge disservice as honestly, most of the Call Of Duty campaigns are great and Call Of Duty WWII is no exception. I recently played the campaign for a second time (on a harder difficulty) and wanted to share a few tips with you.
Do Not Waste Health Packs!
In Call Of Duty WWII, you have no regenerating health and you can only carry four health packs at once. If you use a health pack to heal just a tiny bit of health, you have wasted that whole pack, only use a health pack if your health is at least half gone. Also remember that if you get stuck, you can get a health pack from Zussman.
Use The Most Powerful Weapons
You do not have to keep scrambling for new weapons as you keep running out of ammo. Call Of Duty WWII is actually very generous with its ammo crates. But even better than this is your squad mate Turner, who you can run to and he will fill up your ammo, no matter what weapon you have. So if you have one of the more powerful weapons and run out of ammo. Do not ditch it, make use of your pistol and make your way to Turner and he will hook you up.
Watch Out For Grenades
I would say that 9/10 times I died in the campaign it was because of a grenade. The Call Of Duty WWII campaign has a ton of stuff going on all the time so it can be hard to notice when the enemy throws a grenade. These guys are not shy about throwing grenades so keep an eye out for them.

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