Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Drops

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Drops
Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Drops
You know that here at Mods “R” Us we love us some Red Dead Redemption and we have just spent the last few hours watching the new trailer over and over again and wanted to share our thoughts on it.
First of all, it is a prequel and it sees you playing as an outlaw called, Arthur Morgan who is part of the Van der Linde gang. If that name sounds familiar it is because the leader of this game is a man called Dutch. The main who John Marston was sent to bring in during the events of the first game.
While John Marston (who is one of the best video game characters of all time) was a former outlaw who had a moral compass and was a bad guy, turned good trying to make a go of it with his wife and son. Arthur from what we see in the trailer looks to be a straight up outlaw, but as this is a RockStar game it is sure to have a million twists and turns to the story.
Not much in terms of gameplay was shown, but we did get to see some epic train and bank robberies as well as hunting things like bears and crocodiles. Speaking of which out of all the areas the trailer showed, the Louisiana style swamp looked the most intriguing.
Red Dead Redemption 2 is not going to be released until 2018 and as this is a RockStar game, we are sure there will be at least one more delay. But as far as we are concerned, RockStar can take all the time in the world as long as they make this as good as the first Red Dead Redemption. 
The Grand Theft Auto Retrospective Part 11 Lost And Dammed
The Grand Theft Auto Retrospective Part 11
Act like you are a badass biker in the next installment of our Grand Theft Auto retrospective!
Grand Theft Auto The Lost And The Damned (2009) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Today we are not looking at a whole new game, but a piece of DLC that while being an add on for Grand Theft Auto IV contained as much, if not more gameplay than many of the other games that were released in 2009.
Grand Theft Auto The Lost And The Damned was the first of two DLC episodes for GTA IV. This saw you playing as Johnny Kleebitz. Who is the leader of a chapter of the motorcycle gang, The Lost MC. You actually encounter these guys in the story of GTA IV and they were pretty darn cool. The story of this DLC sees you trying to keep the chapter running all the while having to deal with some internal issues that want to see you no longer be the leader. The story was very well written and as you would expect the voice acting was awesome.
The game was a lot shorter than a typical GTA game, with some people beating it in 10-15 hours. But for DLC this is a lot of gameplay. You could free roam and do what you want, but the story missions did things a little different. What they did was add in mid mission checkpoints. This was awesome as if you failed a mission, you did not have to restart the whole thing.
As this was based on a biker, the bike was a big deal and two kinds of missions, Bike Races and Gang Wars required you to be on the bike. Multiplayer also had lots of bike focused modes such as chopper vs chopper, lone wolf biker, and witness protection.
The Lost And The Damned was heavily praised by critics, especially the story and the fantastic way they improved motorcycles in the GTA world.

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