Mimic A Great Mod For Fast Paced Maps

Mimic A Great Mod For Fast Paced Maps

Mimic Modded Controller Xbox One - Mimic Modded Controller Ps4

Mimic Modded Controllers

Ok so one of the more interesting and underrated features of the controllers we sell here at Mods “R” Us is Mimic. When people are looking at controllers like our fantastic, 6000 Mode Modded Controllers Xbox One, Mimic is one of the features that some people overlook and that is a shame as it is a feature that can be pretty devastating on maps that are more run and gun based, which many maps on Call Of Duty are.

So what exactly does the Mimic mod do? Well, we know that the name, Mimic, probably conjures up a ton of things in your head. But basically what Mimic does is it will make sure that when you are using dual weapons, you can just pull the right trigger and it will fire both. Having to use both triggers, especially when things are fast and frantic can be a bit of a chore, but with the Mimic mod, you do not have to worry about it.

You just keep pulling on that right trigger and both guns will fire. But that is not all. You see with Mimic mod turned on, Rapid Fire also gets turned on so you can run around any map like a maniac just blowing people away.

If you are the kind of Call Of Duty player who likes to play a run and gun style, but you know dual wielding weapons is not the best for this style of gameplay. Using Mimic is going to let you have a ton of fun!


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